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You either follow their stories or you chase your own. There's no inbetween.

And all the footprints you’ve ever left

Have been washed away by the sea

And I hope wherever you are

You know you were the first

To never find me

By Scarlet X

I’m at a friends place and there’s this guy and they’re doing this thing and I don’t know I’m insanely uncomfortable and I think that just a little bit more and I’ll get a panic attack but I don’t I just cant



I really don’t understand how people can hate gay people and call them “disgusting” I mean really,




















did you just slip destiel into a post about actual gay couples and no one’s said anything about it yet what

Shhhh let it happen

I got lost trying to find myself
and I don’t know where the world is
The sea is still around me
But I’ve forgotten how to swim

And they say I’m made of stardust
And that I will find myself again

But they excluded
That I fell too far from the sky
for someone who doesn’t know
how to fly or glow

And maybe that’s what happens
to stars that can’t hold on
Without a light to follow
They explode into nothing

Stardust - Scarlet X

You drew constellations like names

With stories pulled from nameless diners

And I’m sorry you loved rain so much

When you were made of sunshine

And it hurt, yes, a desperate pain

Like everyone, you left scars

And sometimes

They are the kindest ones

- Lea - Scarlet X

Perhaps we did not need the world to shake
and rumble its approval
or lack thereof

You were always home like the
air before it snowed
or the sound of rain

But tomorrow you will fade
to nothing
and turn into a phase
we are required to forget

There is no metaphor
to descripe the way your eyes
glowed quietly with pride
And I didn’t think
it would’ve been apt

- Kiddo - Scarlet X

Anonymous said: your back!! pleeasse post more poems? theyre so good <33

I didn’t think my words would be missed by anyone, I’m sorry. I’ll be around more, promise :)

I found some remnants of my memories

Just beneath my skin

Where I didn’t understand turning points

Or how fears disappear

I wanted to write

something so honest it will

not survive in this world

but all I could arrange were four

deadly letters out of twenty-six

- Scarlet X

Anonymous said: wear flats with penis designs

just because you change to anon doesn’t mean i don’t know it’s you korry. i applaud thy grand idea sir, though thy plan of penises has been rejected.

It’s a shimmering ball for princesses

and though I (always) never wanted to be one of them

I find myself caught on cracking ice

Because you mean something

And it will be elegant and beautiful

A merciless constellation

The exact place I don’t belong

I am only half a star

between bathroom-screams

avoiding mirrors like a brewing storm

I don’t know how to act or dress

What is expected of me is not here

But for a great perhaps

Of raising my heart a few inches

From the ground

It might be worth the try